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How to Promote on Social Media

It’s easy to think that all you have to do is tweet or post here and there and that potential clients will see it. Business begins to boom after two weeks of “promotion” and now you’re a millionaire.  Unfortunately, that notion has been proven wrong and the realization is that promoting on social media is more than just randomly promoting to your own social media followers. It’s a little more complex than that but not rocket science. Some quick, vital advice on how to promote your brand on social media:

Know your targeted audience. The biggest mistake is being too broad and trying to reach people that simply don’t care. By selecting a specific demographic, you’re able to promote to prospects who are interested in your brand.

Know when to post. Your audience should be your “people”. You think similarly, know what they want and give it to them.  You can post 24/7, but that isn’t cost nor time effective. If you’re promoting to elementary school teachers you wouldn’t post during peak school hours, they’re not likely to see it. Again, know your targeted audience. This will help determine the best time to post. However, keep in mind  that viewing can fluctuate whenever and that time posting shouldn’t be set in stone.

Choose the right post. Before you click on the post button, make sure that image, video, or article is what you want the world to see. Whatever you choose helps to define your brand and you can and will be judged accordingly. Letting your targeted audience know that you’re in tune with their needs, comments, questions and concerns is a good place to start.

Know the difference between social media. Different platforms call for different posts. You wouldn’t post an article on Instagram, your viewers have to be engaged by the right posts. Knowing the difference between a like, tweet, retweet, fave and snap is key in the world of social media.

Budgeting promotions is essential. Whether you choose to boost a post on facebook, promote a tweet, or sponsor a snap you have to budget accordingly. Begin by setting your annual goals, determining how much you want to spend on promoting. Facebook allows you to spend as little as a dollar a day on boosting a post. This permits a budget based on what you think you can afford. This can apply to all social media and knowing which platform if not all you want to use is key.

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