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The word “sell” doesn’t sell anymore

If you are the selling business, you are required to sell a product, right? Sometimes, the product you intend to sell may be unpopular products, how do you manage that? I have a bombshell for you though. The word sell doesn’t sell anymore. If you are in the selling business then you should not tell your audience that you want to sell a product to them. What do you tell them instead?

Good question! The selling business requires you to be extra creative and you should be adept in the art of selling an unpopular product. That is why you must stop the use of the word “sell a product.” That phrase means a lot to the customer. It indicates that you want to collect money from them in exchange for a product. What if the product is an unpopular product? On what grounds do you market or sell a product aside from the branding?

That is why you must enact a new way to ensure your selling business thrives and ensure you sell a product or sell all your products even when it is an unpopular product. Permit me to teach you how to sell a product without saying sell:

Sell the benefit, not the product: This works for popular and unpopular products. When you hear of Nike, what comes to your mind? Shoes and sport gears, right? You are not right if you say that. How do I mean? Nike doesn’t just sell shoes and sport gears and it doesn’t sell products because it is popular. Nike sells winning and athleticism. It sells the fact that you can win. That is exactly why Nike can sell unpopular products using its brand name. It doesn’t sell the product, it sells the benefit. Keep that in mind when you are creating your marketing strategy.

Push the benefits: Now that you have researched the benefit of your product even if it is an unpopular product, it’s time to push it. Take careful note not to use the word sell when you intend to sell a product. This will definitely not work for unpopular products, but even if you’re selling business deals with the popular brands, do not use the word sell. We have established that it communicates the wrong feel and gives the wrong impression to your customer.

Don’t give a damn: Another way to sell without saying sell in your selling business is to not give a damn. A lot of entrepreneurs can’t do this and that is why they end up not closing deals. If you intend to sell unpopular products, you must be prepared to do so via not giving a damn. You must rise above the voice of hate and criticism that comes with the product. Instead, you should focus on increasing the benefits of your product, as such you can sell more.

Selling unpopular products without saying sell is a new terrain for a lot of entrepreneurs. You must learn it if your selling business will succeed.

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  1. Leonard Vonhagen

    Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after looking at a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

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