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Each year, mobile app technology gains an ever-increasing stronghold on nearly every sector of business.

Today, the number of worldwide smartphone users surpasses three billion. Statistics tell us that 90% of mobile time is spent on apps. As of the first quarter of 2019, there were up to 2.6 million Android and iOS apps available for download. Nearly every business can benefit greatly from the use of a mobile app.

LA Marketing Strategies understands the value of mobile app development. We now recommend and include this technology in the majority of our proposed marketing plans. When combined with traditional marketing, digital marketing and a social media program, a mobile app becomes a powerful and profitable business tool that serves a multitude of purposes.

Whether your app is designed to sell products, provide a service, showcase talent or serve as a customer service portal, the benefits typically far outweigh the initial expense. LA Marketing Strategies remains on the pulse of mobile app technologies. As an established marketing firm, we maintain a reliable network of mobile app developers, each with a customized and specialized set of skills. We stay focused on mobile trends and new technologies, ensuring that our clients remain on the forefront of the mobile app market.

To examine the potential of a mobile app development program and how it may benefit your company, contact LA Marketing Strategies today.