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How to Promote Your Business Using YouTube Videos

Since its introduction in 2005, the video sharing application YouTube has been at the forefront of using video as a veritable marketing tool. 13 billion people use YouTube every day, 300 hours of videos are uploaded on the channel daily and about 80% of people aged 18-49 watch YouTube every other day. Videos are naturally engaging and they can hold prospects attention. The market place is crowded and everyone is busy, so it is necessary that as a business you find a way to engage your customers.

Don’t stop the content from coming

The most popular channels are those that have high amounts of content, if you intend to use YouTube as a business promotion tool you must learn to stock up on your content and to keep your content relevant .

Quality, quality, and quality:

Just like the real estate maxim Location, location, location, the motto for promoting your business using videos on YouTube is quality. You need to provide high quality videos for the viewing pleasure of your customers.


Having a worthwhile video or content on your channel is just the first step in using YouTube effectively. You must learn to interact and engage with your customers. YouTube is just another social media space that uses videos as its medium. You must know that the principles of social media apply; like the comments on your videos and/or reply. Make sure you are doing something to drive your engagement forward.


This is where a lot of businesses miss it. You can’t get the best out of YouTube if you are not willing to make a little investment. This is where a social media expert can boost your channel and address the following. Our sister company Gamble Guy Productions has the proper equipment to help curate the best high definition content for your YouTube. From production and casting to editing and final packaging, Gamble Guy Productions is the company that can assist you with your video production needs.

The nitty gritty

Learn to use tags and curate topics well. Your business depends on it. Most people come to YouTube looking for a specific video and the only way to get through to them is to tie your keywords to very specific niches.

Marketing on YouTube can be a very interesting and profitable foray for your business. In the world today video content is not only subjected to Youtube. Shorts have been progressively becoming a larger player in the industry by conveying a company’s story on other platforms while having the full length videos remain on Youtube.  If you think this is an avenue for your company let us know and we can help navigate your various platforms to work together.

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