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Why Your Website Lacks Visitors

I want to believe you don’t need to be told in this day and age, that your business needs a website. Can I ask a question? How can you possibly break even without an online presence? Did I just hear you say “but I have a website”? Awesome, but what does your website look like? A bit of an unprofessional website. Trust me, you need a professional website. Let me share with you some essentials of a professional website and I will be focusing on WordPress. Shall we?

  1. Design: It is true that you might not be a professional designer, it will be worthwhile if you employ the services of a web designing agency or you use a website builder that provides you with awesome templates. Design is no standalone concept, to effectively grasp it, you must ensure you:
    • Use appropriate background: It could be a simple color or a mesmerizing picture, ensure that it is appropriate for the section it is used for. It must also not be too overwhelming due to the website loading speed
    • Use Big Images: A good way to give your website that professional look that will ensure that your visitors are mesmerized is to use big, high definition images. This will enable you to build credibility and the image will even be more beautiful on smaller devices
    • Pay attention to fonts: While fonts are a quick way to change the feel of your webpage, you much ensure that the font you choose match what your business stands for. You must also see to it that not too much fonts are used on a particular page
  2. Functionality: Your website must be functional at nearly all times if not at all times. Careful research should be made when choosing a website builder and host to ensure that both services give you maximum uptime. No one likes a website that is always undergoing maintenance.
  3. Focus: Whatever you are into, you must be able to stick to your niche and this must effectively reflect on your website. Your website should not be a jack of all trade thing, trust me, it is not Google. So stick with what you do and keep it simple.
  4. Layout: No one likes a cluttered site, not even the most patient customer. So you must strive to keep your website as simple as possible. The simple and straightforward your website is, the more people will be able to find what they are looking for and also the more their chances of visiting your website again.

Getting a website is not just enough, remember that when a visitor lands at your home page, they have a few seconds to make a decision to either continue surfing or to find something more interesting. Although you cannot control their decision-making process, you can only affect their decision by ensuring your website first impression is pleasing, such that you can be sure that they will stay on and go through your site.

In all, you need a website design agency that is capable of giving you the best service and nothing less. Feel free to contact us for more information on website designing.

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