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Business in the 21st century is highly competitive. Today, there are more startups and established companies in the streets of a well-developed city like New York than there were in the entire country many years ago. Very many new companies start up each day, and unfortunately for many of them it takes just about the same time required to start up for it to go up in flames.

The busyness level of prospective customers and clients have also increased, making closing, selling and even getting the attention of customers a herculean task. There is another big problem involved in getting the amount of money required for marketing and advertisements to get your customers attention, so small startups would want to rely on word of mouth only to propel their business to the next level. Needless to say, this rarely ever works out because this system is limited in reach, and opinions are highly subjective in a competitive marketplace.

Is there a solution? Fortunately, yes. Social media has a traffic of hundreds of millions to billions of people each day and the right advertisement to these people could help with the right publicity required to promote your business and dominate the market.

Here are six reasons why social media marketing is important.

  1. Social media helps you to reach out to a large number of people
    As said earlier, the larger percentage of the people of the world have accounts on social media and operate there every day. A lot of these people could be in need of your products and services and the easiest way to reach them would be by appearing in front of their screens every day with a solution to their challenges.
  2. Social media is highly cost-effective
    For a startup, social media is the most cost-effective marketing strategy required. All you have to do is sign up to a social media platform and connect with your audience. Prices of paid advertisements and promotions pale in comparison to the amount of money required in carrying out a full-blown advertisement.
  3. Social media helps to promote your brand
    Advertising through social media helps build your brand visibility and in turn helps promote your products and services.
  4. Social media helps build your authority
    By making constant posts and updates about the niche your company works in, you build your authority and thought leadership in that field. Your brand becomes a symbol of authenticity, deep knowledge and a better choice when customers need a product or service.
  5. Social media helps build customer relationship
    When your company has a social media page to communicate with customers and prospective clients, you can answer personalized questions about your niche and products. This helps your customers feel safe and secure with your company as your brand looks like it is humanized and can be trusted.
  6. Social media helps increase traffic to your website
    If your company has a website (and it should in the 21st century), social media can help generate traffic for your website and this provides you with a chance to convert and make a sale.

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